Chair's Welcome

The Department aspires to be a center of excellence in teaching computer science at all levels, expanding and diversifying the pool of qualified individuals in the computing profession; and as a center for excellence in research and graduate education by developing strengths in a small number of focused research areas and by exploiting Computer Science's unique opportunities for collaborations with other strong research areas at Howard University.

Our curriculum provides a broad basic training in Computer Science with required courses in the theory of computing, computer organization, and software/systems engineering. At the undergraduate level, we offer a program leading to a Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer Science (CS). Our program is fully ABET (Accrediting Board of Engineering and Technology) accredited and unique in that it combines aspects from both computer science and systems engineering.

At the graduate level, we also offer a program leading to a Master of Science (MS) degree in Computer Science, a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and a Cybersecurity Certificate program. The Master's Program is a traditional two-year degree program, which offers both a thesis, and a non-thesis option. In addition, we offer an accelerated 1-year Masters program for our top CS undergraduates. In April 2011 the Howard University Board of Trustees approved a new Ph.D. program in Computer Science. The Ph.D. program is the first in the nation offered by a historically black college and university. The Ph.D. program provides intensive preparation in the concepts and techniques related to the design, programming, and application of computing systems within a socially relevant context. The program requires students to declare a major and minor and select courses from a range of specializations. The program was designed to be interdisciplinary from its' conception, requiring each student to take courses outside of computer science. The graduate certificate program in cybersecurity prepares professionals in computer science and related areas to assume positions in secure systems development and managing the critical information security programs in today's organizations.

As you explore the information about our department’s programs and curriculum, you will discover a strong, diverse, and student-oriented department.

Our department provides a small class size. Students gain self-confidence through small classes and individualized attention. Students will find themselves in comfortable class settings with an average maximum laboratory class size being only 32 students at the undergraduate level and 15 students at the graduate level. The small classes give the instructors the time needed to assist each student. Students can actively participate in class discussions without feeling overwhelmed by large lecture halls.

By far the greatest strength of our department is the faculty. Classes are taught by talented, experienced, dedicated, and caring faculty who believe in individualized attention for their students. In addition, CS faculty is involved in the forefront of research in four thrust areas: cybersecurity, computational biology and bioinformatics, data visualization and analysis, machine learning and computer networks and distributed computing, which complement college-wide initiatives in computational sciences, energy/environment, and materials sciences. We publish in refereed journals and conferences in Computer Science; have significant research grants from federal agencies (such as NSF, NIH, DHS, and DOD); serve on journal editorial boards, conference committees, NSF/NIH review panels, and leading professional societies.

We are in the process of hiring additional interdisciplinary faculty to build upon our newly created Ph.D. program, while providing our students with a forward looking and progressive curriculum that provides grounding in fundamentals and stimulates intellectual creativity and innovative design.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our programs or wish to have a tour (both individual and school tours) of our facilities.

Legand L. Burge, III, Ph.D., Chair
Department of Computer Science
College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Science
Howard University


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